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FORWHAT Theatre Collective

The theatre offers a space for reflection and at the same time a remedy.



Before starting any project the ForWhat collective always asks itself, Why theatre? In an age with information available to us in the palm of our hands it is important to reconnect on a more personal level with our society, one where we can’t simply hit the power button when we don’t agree with something that’s presented to us. We find comfort and safety behind our screens and theatre is a medium that allows for us to disconnect from the digital and come face to face with the realities of our society and its people. 

ForWhat Collective produces visually and physically dynamic performances that challenge stigmatizations, poses questions and creates meaningful connections and conversations.  

The collective explores alternatives to the traditional script-driven creation model and naturalistic theatrical approaches, giving primacy to verbatim style texts and collective creation writing through body, gesture and image. 



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